Guidance for Singers

Concert Dress

Long-sleeved black tops, floor-length black skirts or smart black trousers.


  • November concert: all black, open-necked shirts, optional dinner jacket.
  • March/April concert: all black, open-necked shirts.

Concert Protocol

Golden rule: never wave to any member of the audience!

Stand & Sit: as given by conductor during the final rehearsals.

Stage access: specific instructions will be given for each concert, including areas that are out of bounds for the safety of others and their instruments. 


A good choir knows that this is an integral part of the performance. Note that the choir never applauds while standing.

At the end of the performance, we remain standing and still until the conductor relaxes and the audience begins to applaud.

The choir does NOT applaud at this stage, even when the conductor gestures for the orchestra to stand, as the audience is acknowledging all the performers.

The conductor leads the soloists off and we sit when the leader of the orchestra sits. When the conductor and soloists return, bouquets are presented and we applaud, continuing as the conductor acknowledges soloists, orchestra, organist at will. When he indicates the choir, we stand and stop applauding.

When the conductor and soloists go off we again sit when the orchestra leader sits, and resume applauding whenever they return.