Winchester Music Club - Winchester Music Club is a registered charity No 1095619

General Guidance for Singers

Everything you need to know to sing with Winchester Music Club.


Friday nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm September to March, at Winchester College Music School. See map and parking advice.

There are compulsory rehearsals preceding the November concert, which normally takes place on a Thursday evening. One is on the afternoon of the concert itself from approx 2-5pm, the other the night before (Wednesday) from 7-9pm.

The spring concert usually takes place on a Saturday evening with a compulsory rehearsal that afternoon.


All attendance needs to be recorded in the registers in the rehearsal room. Please ensure your height in concert shoes is correct as this is used when doing the seating plan to try to provide good sight lines in concerts. If you have not attended the proper quota of rehearsals, you may not be allowed to sing in the concert.


In an ideal world, every singer should attend every rehearsal. This is not always practicable. If you miss any rehearsals, then please ensure that you find out what was rehearsed and David’s performance instructions from someone else in your section. The voice reps will help where they can. If you miss or are planning to miss more than two rehearsals in a term, please speak to your voice rep. If you are able to spend time to learn the work, catch up on David’s performance instructions and are confident of your own ability, you may sing in the concert. If you are uncertain, having spoken to your voice rep, then please discuss with David. His decision is final.


For 2019/2020, £140 per year (£135 if paid by the first two rehearsals), students under 25: £25 per year.

Payment should be made directly to the WMC account: NatWest Winchester Old Bank Branch, sort code 55 81 26, account number 00343323, name Winchester Music Club. Please make it clear who you are in the payment reference field. Alternatively you may pay by cheque to ‘Winchester Music Club’ and give to the Treasurer.

All members must complete a data protection form. In addition, if your subscription is eligible for Gift Aid please fill out the Gift Aid part of the form. In both instances return your completed form to the Treasurer. Download printable Data Protection and Gift Aid form.

For the tax year 2018/19, the amount of the subscription eligible for Gift Aid, after deduction of the element attributable to training, was as follows:

Subscription   Eligible for Gift Aid
Annual subscription £135 £132
Reduced subscription if paid by first two rehearsals   £130£127
Subscription for new joiners in January £65 £64

Vocal Coaching

Claire Williams, a professional singing teacher, has been engaged to give vocal coaching to individual WMC chorus members either for 15 minute sessions during Friday evening rehearsals or by arrangement at other times. To arrange a lesson with Claire, email her at

Concert Dress

Ladies: Long-sleeved black tops, floor-length black skirts or smart black trousers

Gentlemen: November concert: dark suits and ties, white shirts.

March /April concert: Dinner jackets, bow ties and white shirts.

Concert Protocol

Stands & sits These will be given by David Thomas (DT) during the final rehearsals

Entering & leaving the stage Specific instructions will be given for each concert. Golden rule: never wave to any audience members!

Applause (important-read carefully). A good choir knows that this is an integral part of the performance. Note that the choir never applauds while standing.

At the end of the performance, we stay standing and still until DT relaxes and the audience begins to applaud.

The Choir does NOT applaud at this stage, even when DT gestures for the orchestra to stand, as the audience is acknowledging all the performers.

DT leads off the soloists and we sit when the leader of the orchestra sits.

DT and the soloists return. Bouquets are presented and we all applaud.

***DT then acknowledges soloists, orchestra, organist at will and we applaud.

When he indicates the Choir, we stand and stop applauding.

When DT and the soloists go out again we sit when the orchestra leader sits.

We resume applauding when DT and the soloists return again.

... and so on from *** above.

Choir Discount

As a member of WMC you are entitled to a 10% discount on all Choraline purchases. To obtain your discount please type "WINCHESTER" in the discount code box on the shopping basket page and click the green arrows on the right hand side of the box to see the amount saved. To order over the phone call 01285 644845 and say you sing with Winchester Music Club to receive your discount.

WMC Constitution

To view the Winchester Music Club Constitution and Rules, click here.