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Our next concert: Brahms Requiem

Our next concert will be the Brahms Requiem on Saturday November 25, 2017 at 7:30pm at Winchester Cathedral.

Our full programme is:

Brahms Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny)

Brahms Requiem


Rehearsals for the November concert start on Friday 8th September at 7:30pm in Winchester College Music School. Hire scores will be available from the first rehearsal.


Brahms Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny): Peters edition EP3917
Brahms Requiem: Peters edition EP3672

Individual Voice Part Practice

Brahms Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny) downloadable MIDI files: Learn Choral Music link.

Brahms Requiem downloadable MIDI files: Learn Choral Music link.

Download a copy of the German Requiem words from here.

Choir Notes from our director

1.Suggested recordings: David Thomas recommends that one generally avoids recordings made before 1980, as it is often hard to hear the detail on them. His current favourites (although subject to change) are Simon Rattle with the Berlin PO for the Requiem (Warner Classics 3-65393-2) and Philippe Herreweghe for the Schicksalslied (Phi LPH003). Equally good performances (if not with the same audio quality) can be found on YouTube for free: Schicksalslied: (Herreweghe again)
Requiem: (Saraste)
There is also a very good recording by Harry Christophers and the Sixteen of Brahms’s own arrangement of the Requiem for two pianos. This has the advantage of much more clarity in the vocal parts. It is on the CORO label (COR16050).
2. Learn the German pronunciation. There is an excellent spoken version of the Requiem text here:, and a rather less good one of the Schicksalslied here:
3. Audio guides for note bashing between rehearsals. e.g. Schicksalslied:
4. Learn about the Requiem. There are some excellent (and commendably brief) programme notes here: but you can also attend a lecture by my colleague Dr Nick Salwey about the Requiem in the Music School at 7.00pm on Tuesday 10 October.