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Spring Concert: Haydn Series 4

Our Spring Concert on Sunday 29th March is the fourth in our complete Haydn Masses series.

We will be singing:

Haydn Mass No. 7 Kleine Orgelmesse (Little Organ Mass) and

Haydn Mass No. 12 Theresienmesse (Marie Therese Mass)


Rehearsals will be on Friday evenings starting on Friday 24th January (no rehearsal Friday 21st February Half Term)


Both score editions are Baerenreiter and are available from Presto Music:

Missa brevis St. Joannis de Deo (Little Organ Mass) (Hob.XXII:7)

Catalogue Number: BA4653-90 (47 pages) Price: £7.

Mass in B-flat (Theresien-Messe) (Hob.XXII:12)

Catalogue Number: BA4661-90 (168 pages) Price: £17.

If you prefer to hire scores these will be available at the first rehearsal at £2 each.

Midi Files

Kleine Orgelmesse (Little Organ Mass) at Learn Choral Music

Theresienmesse at Learn Choral Music

YouTube Recordings

There are plenty of YouTube performances, here are a couple of sample links:

Kleine Orgelmesse (Little Organ Mass)