Current Concert

Thursday 18 November 2021 at Winchester Cathedral

We are delighted to welcome members back to rehearsals following our prolonged absence due to the coronavirus.

Please note the new rehearsal venue: St Michael’s Church, Winchester (known as Michla). The church is in St. Michael’s Passage which links Culver Road and Kingsgate Street, and is adjacent to Winchester College Music School. 

We will be performing Haydn The Creation

Dates (Fridays 7.30pm – not before 7.15pm) 

10th September
17th September
24th September
1st October
8th October
15th October
22nd October
29th October – half term, no rehearsal
5th November
12th November
17th November (Weds) in New Hall, Winchester College: time tbc 
18th November (Thurs) 1pm – 4pm in Winchester Cathedral.

NB: The boys need time to leave the church safely – please therefore do not arrive before 7.15pm, and wait until the boys are clear before entering.

Rehearsal Schedule

Our Musical Director has prepared a Rehearsal Schedule to allow you to prepare, or catch up if you miss a rehearsal. Brief details below:

10 Sept: 1a and 31
17 Sept: 4 and 10
24 Sept: 13 and 18a
1 Oct: 25 and 25b
8 Oct: 2 and 27


We will be using the New Novello edition. (NOV 072485). ISBN 0-85360-897-0.
If you prefer to hire, scores are available from our Librarian at £2 per copy.

Midi Files

Available at  LearnChoralMusic here 

YouTube recordings

Plenty of recordings are available to familiarise yourself with the music. Try The Gabrieli Consort here.  

Coronavirus alert

Attendees are responsible for assessing their own personal risk and they should not attend if they consider the risk too high.

The measures we will put in place include:

  • Seats will be spread out as far as is practicable.
  • Doors and windows will be kept open to provide as much ventilation as is possible.

We request you follow the following guidelines:

  • It is imperative that you do not attend if you are at all unwell or have had a positive Covid test within the last 10 days, or have been asked to self-isolate.
  • Wear a mask if you are able to when not seated or singing, particularly at registration and if mingling.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Use the hand sanitisers provided.
  • Bring your own pencils and rubbers to mark and clean scores, and sign in with your own pen.
  • Bring your own water.